Best Chicago Bulls Car Accessories for 2022

Best Chicago Bulls Car Accessories for 2022

The Chicago Bulls enjoy one of the most iconic logos in sports history. No wonder it looks so good on just about anything. With names like Derek Rose, Scottie Pippen, and of course, the GOAT, Michael Jordan, The Bulls logo represents achievement at the highest levels, and a stubborn refusal to admit defeat.

Besides on your person, the best place to display your love of the Bulls is on your car. When you’re driving through The Windy City, or any other city, display your pride in the greatest basketball team in history.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the best car accessories that sport the Red Hot Bull.

There’s no better way to pledge allegiance, than with a flag. This Chicago Bulls Black Car Flag attaches easily to your window with a durable plastic pole so you can show off the Angry Bull anywhere you go.

A Bulls seat cover set really sets the tone on the interior. You can get a red and black steering wheel cover to go along with it. Throw in some matching floor mats and you’ve got the complete look. How about four tire valve ornaments shaped like bull’s heads? Great idea.

Hang a bull pendant from your rearview mirror and see how many comments you accumulate. 

Slap this Chicago Bulls Auto Emblem on your car and show off that Angry Bull in shining silver detail. Its black background makes it pop out unmistakably. The self-adhesive backing makes it simple to show what team you represent.

Our Chicago Bulls Chrome License Plate Frame shows the word “Chicago” on top, and with big bold letters “Bulls” with the iconic logo on either side. The chrome frame flashes in the sun, and reflects off the streetlights, showing your love for the Bulls day and night.

To keep your car looking and feeling cool in the summer, pick yourself up a Chicago Bulls sunshade for your windshield. That big angry bull on full display is a formidable sight.

Sometimes a simple decal can make all the difference in the effect. Whether on the inside of a car window, or on the bumper, it stands out to those around you. Our Chicago Bulls 4"x4" White Perfect Cut Decal shows a white silhouette of your favorite Angry Bull.

If you want the same effect, but with that unmistakable red, our Chicago Bulls 4"x"4 Decals 2-Pack is the perfect thing for any bumper in Chicago.

When you don’t want to commit to a permanent decal, magnets are a great option. You can reposition them whenever you feel like it.


This was just a brief offering of what’s available at Clark Street Sports. Wherever you go, you can bring your Bulls pride with you. Take it on the road with you and put your love of The Chicago Bulls on full display. Your car is your home away from home. Make it feel like that when you’re traveling to the next away game.

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