Chicago City Swag Essentials for 2022

Chicago City Swag Essentials for 2022

You love Chicago. It’s where you’re from, or it’s where you are. Or maybe you visited once and fell in love with it. No matter the reason, you want to represent Chi-town in your own unique way. With so much to do and see, it’s no wonder they say, “If you can’t find it in Chicago, you ain’t looking hard enough.” Whether you’re a native, or here for a visit, we’ve got a few swag essentials to make sure you look the part. 


Chicago is the home of Al Capone. That’s gangster. If you ever find yourself drinking from a can in Chicago, this can cooler is the perfect way to let others know you mean business. It wasn’t always pretty, but it’s part of the history that we all know and love.

When strolling around the many walking paths of Chicago, you may discover tons of local artists in the area. Many of them create beautiful, custom art specifically showing off the sights of Chicago. From the iconic “L”, to the unforgettable skyline, you’ll find plenty of Chicago imagery on an endless variety of items.

As for the skyline, this Chicago Willis Tower Statue is a perfect way to appreciate Chicago’s tallest building. The skyline wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s one of the tallest buildings in America. You can also get it as a “piggy” bank.

Beans in the Bank

Speaking of banks, what better place to put your beans than in this Chicago Stainless Bean Bank? The Bean, originally called The Cloud Gate, is a major tourist attraction and a must-see for anyone visiting Chicago. One look and you’ll instantly recognize it. In fact, many of your friends have probably posted pictures of themselves with it behind them. The reflective properties make for a great photo op.

The L

The “L” is Chicago’s rapid transit system. It’s nicknamed after the fact that large portions of it are elevated. It’s one of the oldest and longest rapid transit systems in the country. You can find imagery of it everywhere. Even New York’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman paid a visit once in Spiderman 2, when he fought Doctor Octopus on the train.

You can also find all types of swag with The L’s map on it. These days with print on demand, it’s so easy to print that map on a wall canvas, a pillow, a shower curtain, or on the back of a hoodie. Chicagoans will recognize that map anywhere. 

The Windy City 

Chicago officially became a city in 1837, after its original founding in 1833. To commemorate that moment in history, we recommend you check out this Chicago Men's Royal Escape Tee. It displays the year Chicago was granted a city charter by the state of Illinois, and the city’s most memorable nickname, The Windy City.


We hope this guide has given you some sense of the city we love so much. With all this art, architecture, and history to appreciate, Chicago is truly one of the greatest cities in America. Don’t be caught in the cold without the proper swag to accompany you on your visit, or your permanent residence.

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