Guide to the Ultimate Chicago Sports Man Cave

Guide to the Ultimate Chicago Sports Man Cave

Chicago Sports Man Cave Ideas

Like many guys, you love sports. But above all else, Chicago sports are king. You can't imagine a week going by without sitting down to watch the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox or Fire FC with your buddies.

When you have your own man cave bar, it takes the viewing experience to another level. A Chicago man cave blows an ordinary living room out of the water - and you don't have to deal with sticky floors, pricey drinks and annoying strangers like a real bar. By creating a Chicago sports man cave, you're dedicating a space to family and friends that share the same passion for the Windy City.

Build the ultimate shrine to your favorite city and sports teams with our Chicago sports bar man cave ideas. Clark Street Sports has everything you need to know about creating a sports-watching heaven where you can get hyped for the basketball playoffs, relax with a Tuesday night baseball game in June or have the best seats in the house to watch a December NFL divisional showdown.

Where Should Your Man Cave Be?

First things first: before you set up your Chicago man cave, you need to decide on a room or building to put it in. If you have multiple options, you'll have to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each. Even if there's only one space available, you'll still need to make sure it's habitable. Let's take a quick look at a few of the common man cave bar options.

Spare Room - This is the easiest space to convert to a sports man cave because it already has electricity and utility access. However, spare rooms are generally the least popular man cave option for two reasons: 1) it's generally the smallest space available and 2) it offers the least amount of privacy.

Basement - Many guys choose basements for their Chicago man cave setups because they're large and still have easy access to the home's bathrooms and electricity. However, if your basement is currently unfinished, you could be looking at a large bill to fix it up. Older basements can have leaky pipes, mold, pests, floor damage and more. You may also need to install lighting, electrical sockets and climate control.

Garage - The garage has many of the same man cave advantages and drawbacks of a basement. There are two other things you'll need to consider. In addition to climate control, you'll need to make sure the garage is adequately insulated for winter. You'll also need some other place to put the cars.

Shed - Some men elect to convert an existing shed into a man cave or build a new shed from scratch. They do so because a Chicago sports man cave in a shed offers the most privacy for their parties. The most important things to consider with this option are weatherproofing, climate control and figuring out a utility hook-up for a building that isn't connected to the main house.

Know Your Room Before You Buy

Once you've decided on where to create a football man cave, the next step in your man cave conversion is measuring the space. This is crucial for knowing what of your grand furnishing ideas will actually fit. Know the width, length and height of the room and take any alcoves or existing architecture (such as pillars, chimneys and stoves) into account. You'll also need to know the size of the door so you know whether you can get items into the room.

Man Cave Furniture

You and your buddies will need a comfortable place to sit for hours of Chicago sports action. A man cave couch or sectional is a must - you should get one that seats at least three people comfortably. Add a few man cave chairs and recliners for more seating. You might also want to keep some folding chairs, ottomans or stools on hand if you're expecting a large crowd. If you consistently have big gatherings, consider "stadium-style" seating with a second elevated couch behind the first one.

What furniture you choose also depends on the design theme. There are two common themes for a man cave:

chips and beer

Sports Bar - Why go to the nearest bar and pay for overpriced drinks when you can create your own bar at home. Consider a TV wall that has a large centerpiece TV to show the main Chicago game and two or three smaller TVs for when multiple teams are playing. Add a small bar for your man cave with a refrigerator to one side plus a large sectional and/or some chairs and stools to complete your man cave bar.

Sports Arena - Are you the type who likes to play as much as you like to watch? Replace the bar and some of the seating with a pool table, foosball table, darts board and other games. Even if the local team loses, you can still win on game day!

Chicago Sports Man Cave Decoration Ideas

Now it's time to think about how to give your man cave a Chicago twist. Clark Street Sports has a huge selection of Chicago sports man cave décor that you and your Chicago-loving friends will love, including smaller souvenir-style decorations that give the finishing touch. Here are some of our favorite ideas that are also affordable:

Drinkware - There will almost certainly be some beverages flowing during the game. Use our Chicago sports drinkware to keep your drinks cold and your hands warm. We have Chicago Bears can coolers, Cubs pint glasses and wine glasses, Blackhawks mugs, White Sox bottle openers and many other beverage supplies.

monsters of the midway banner

Signs & Banners - Plaster your love of Chicago sports all over the walls. Chicago flags and banners or a colorful Chicago sign can celebrate a specific championship team, their rich history and the city as a whole. Stickers and decals are other cool options that you can stick to bar countertops, chair backs and light fixtures.

Chicago Blankets - No matter what the score is, a Chicago sports blanket will help you stay comfortable. We have throw blankets and silk blankets to line your couches and chairs or to wrap yourself up on chilly nights.

Bobbleheads - A bobblehead figurine of your favorite Chicago player is the perfect decoration for a shelf or side table. They'll be nodding along with you during the next comeback or blowout win. We have Lego versions for the kids, too!

The Best Man Cave Supplies

When you're ready to bring the ultimate Chicago sports man cave to life, stop by a Clark Street Sports location or order online. We'll help you make every day game day with cool Chicago-themed décor and expert tips!

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