How to fix a hole in a football jersey

How to fix a hole in a football jersey

Your football jersey is a precious possession. It tells a story about your journey as a fan, and is a mark of pride to show off at the games. And if you're like many other fans, you want to keep it looking great for as long as possible.

When an accident happens, though, it can be hard to know what to do. You might not know how to fix that hole that just appeared in your favorite jersey. Here are some quick fixes that will work for any type of jersey so you can get back out on the field with your teammates!

Stitch the Hole by Hand with Needle and Thread

If you're lucky, and the hole is less than 2 inches wide, you can fix it by hand using a needle and thread. Take the needle and thread and place the thread through the hole near the fabric on either side.

Wrap your thread around one of those loops to create a knot, then take the two ends of the thread and pull tight to close up the hole. Repeat this process with any other holes that need mending, then tie off any loose threads on the inside of your jersey.

Use a Sewing Machine to Stitch the Hole

First, you'll want to get a needle and thread that matches the color of your jersey's fabric. From there, you can use a zigzagging stitch to sew around the hole. Finally, pull the thread tight and cut off any excess with scissors.

It will be invisible from the front of your shirt and should last through about one season of games. You can also try using some fray check or hemming spray to help make it more durable and long-lasting!

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Other Options You Can Use in a Pinch

If you don't have a needle handy, try using a safety pin to close up that pesky hole in your football jersey. Insert one end of the safety pin through the fabric on either side of where the hole is. Pull tight as you go along to make sure it doesn't come undone as you do so. Once you've gone all around the hole with safety pins, tug at them gently from every direction to make sure they're secure.

You can also use duct tape or masking tape as a quick fix for little holes in your jersey if sewing isn't an option. It isn’t pretty, but sometimes you don’t have a better alternative.


A hole in your jersey is a common sight for even the most experienced football players. They happen from time to time and don’t always mean the end of your favorite piece of apparel. Holes can be patched and repaired in a matter of minutes with these quick and easy tips, so don’t take it as a sign that you need to trash your jersey just yet. You can play another season knowing you’re all patched up when you’re on the field.


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