NBA Basketball Jersey Sizing Guide

NBA Basketball Jersey Sizing Guide

The best way to display your love and support for your favorite NBA team is by wearing one of their jerseys. You can wear these anywhere and everywhere, and they always look amazing. However, these articles of clothing are usually an investment into your fandom, and getting the wrong size could be incredibly frustrating. We are here to help you choose the right one the first and get to enjoying the game!

What Size NBA Jersey Should I Buy?

Figuring out what size NBA jersey to buy starts with a few other questions before looking at the NBA replica jersey size chart. These include the following:

How Do You Wear Your Jersey?

You don't have to limit yourself to wearing your jersey only when your favorite team is playing. You can wear it to play your own games of basketball, as causal wear on the weekend, to go to the gym or anywhere in between. When wearing your jersey to any of these locations, having a tighter fit or just the right fit could make you the most comfortable.

You also have to ask yourself if you're going to wear a shirt under your jersey and what type. For the sake of comfort, you may wear an undershirt, or perhaps it's a little chilly outside, so you'll need a long-sleeved shirt or a hoodie. If that's the case, you'll want to get a jersey that's bigger so that it fits right when layered.

Do You Want to Tuck Your Jersey in?

There are different styles of jerseys available to buy, and some of them are longer than others. If you plan on tucking your jersey in, then you'll want to get one that's on the longer side.

Should you find that you don't want to tuck it in, then getting one that's shorter is in your best interest.

What Type of Jersey Do You Want?

There are several different types of jerseys you can buy: Authentic, Replica and Swingman, among others. One of the biggest differences between them is how they fit, so knowing your size will ensure that no matter which jersey you buy, it will fit you comfortably and be worth the investment.

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Finding the Right Size

After you've answered the questions above and figured out if you want the jersey to be tight or loose, you then need to figure out exactly what your size is. If this happens to the be your first time you're buying a jersey or you've gained or lost weight, you'll want to take measurements so that you can find the right size.

To do this, you'll need a flexible measuring tape. You'll then want to wrap it around your chest, right under your armpits. For length, you'll measure from the top of your shoulder to your hip.

Typically, the sizes for each of the different types of jerseys fall into the following measurement categories on an NBA jersey size chart:

  • Small = chest measurements between 40 and 41 inches
  • Medium = chest measurements between 40 and 44 inches
  • Large = chest measurements between 42 and 48 inches
  • XL = chest measurements between 44 and 52 inches
  • 2XL = chest measurements between 46 and 56 inches
  • 3XL = chest measurements between 48 and 60 inches

A Jersey that Fits Perfectly

Finding the right size NBA jersey to support your team requires asking yourself some questions. Once you have those answered, you can then take measurements and head over to Clark Street Sports to find your perfect fit. Start shopping today!

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