Our Favorite Chicago Bulls Jerseys of All Time

Our Favorite Chicago Bulls Jerseys of All Time

Although the Chicago Bulls have stuck with their classic red, white and black look throughout the team's history, there are still a few looks that remain close to our hearts.


The original jersey of the Chicago Bulls was introduced with the start of the franchise. This classic look, which included a 3D logo, was worn from 1966 until 1980.


The 1980 jersey of the Chicago Bulls is one of the most iconic and classic jerseys, not just in Chicago sports history, but of all time. The jersey featured the word "Chicago" written in cursive writing across the front of the jerseys.

The legendary Michael Jordan wore this uniform after being drafted by the Bulls as a rookie. Although Chicago did not win a championship in these jerseys, they remain a fan favorite and one of the all-time great jerseys to this day.


These are the classic Chicago Bulls jerseys that every fan knows and loves. This design was around for the majority of the Michael Jordan era. The Chicago Bulls won six total championships, including no losses in the NBA Finals, while wearing these uniforms.

The 1986 uniforms, also worn throughout the 1990s, include the classic red, white and black color scheme with the word "Bulls" written in block letters across the front of the uniform.


The 2002 jerseys of the Chicago Bulls are very similar to the previous version, with one minor change. The letters on the back of the jersey changed from red to black to match the black "Bulls" lettering on the front of the jerseys. This version of the Chicago Bulls jersey was worn from 2002 until 2017.


The present-day version of the Chicago Bulls jerseys has been worn since 2017 through the current 2021 basketball season. The current jerseys changed the black lettering to white on the red jerseys, and the black on the white jerseys.

Alternate Jersey Designs

The Chicago Bulls have worn several alternate uniforms throughout the years that continue to be some of our favorites even now.

In the 1990s, the Chicago Bulls third jersey option was a black and red pinstripe look. The team wore these uniforms throughout their six-year championship run, with legends like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman all sporting the jerseys.

In 2005, the Chicago Bulls wore a throwback jersey, paying tribute to the Chicago Stags, who preceded the Bulls in Chicago. The jerseys included a red, white and blue look, along with the stag logo.

For the 2009 season, the Chicago Bulls wore green jerseys for the NBA's Go Green initiative. The forest green and red look had a resemblance to the jerseys worn by the Milwaukee Bucks.

On St. Patrick's Day, it has become a Bulls tradition for the team to wear Irish green during one of the biggest citywide celebrations of the year. The jerseys are typically bright green and include red, white and gold trim.

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