Top Tips for Parking at Guaranteed Rate Field

Top Tips for Parking at Guaranteed Rate Field

Watching a baseball game is about as American as you can get. There's nothing better than spending a day at the field watching your favorite team and rubbing elbows with other fans. When you're ready to head to Guaranteed Rate Field to watch the Chicago White Sox play, knowing what the parking situation is like can be beneficial.

The Best Parking for Guaranteed Rate Field

When it comes to parking lots at Guaranteed Rate Field, they have eight with 7,000 spaces for their fans. Most of the lots are within a short walking distance, so you'll have plenty of time to find your space and get to your seats before the game starts.

Some things to keep in mind is that Lots A, B and C are only available to customers who have pre-paid for their parking spaces and have a red coupon. Lots F and L are also for customers who have pre-paid for parking spaces and have green spaces.

It's recommended that you get your parking pass ahead of time, as this ensures that you'll get a space, and the cost is a bit cheaper. Although, if you want to pay for parking on game day, you will go to Lots F, G and L.

These parking polices can also change at any time during the season, so getting parking passes ahead of time will reduce surprises before the game.

Parking Cost at Guaranteed Rate Field

In addition to knowing which parking lots you can park in, it's also helpful to know how much the passes cost. If you purchase your parking passes ahead of time, they are $20. Parking passes purchased on the day of the game are $25.

However, bear in mind that the prices can vary depending on the day and the game. That's another reason why reserving your space ahead of time can be beneficial, as well as guaranteeing that you have a place to park.

If you find that you want to lower your costs and are looking for free parking, you might want to consider parking farther away from the field. There is a business west of the stadium, Buffalo Wings and Rings, that offers a free parking structure and shuttle rides to the field. If you decide you want to walk and show team spirit to passersby, it will only take you 10 minutes to get to the game. These free parking spaces fill up incredibly fast, so you'd need to get there early.

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Some other options for parking around Guaranteed Rate Field that are less expensive include using metered parking. We don't recommend taking your chances parking in the residential areas around the stadium, since many of these places are tow away zones. If you don't have a permit, your car won't be there when the game ends.

Preparing for Your Ballpark Outing

Being prepared to spend a day at the ballpark means not having to worry about where to park for the game. Using one of the many lots around the stadium is in your best interest, and getting your parking pass ahead of time could save you a few bucks.

You'll also need to make sure you are dressed in the right attire. At Clark Street Sports, we have the White Sox products that you need to show off your team spirit and style. Check out what we have to offer today!

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